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Wyandotte Wine Tasting Room



Wed-Fri 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Sat - 2:00PM - 7:00PM, Sun - 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Wyandotte has moved to a new location!  Check us out on 109 Maple St in Downtown Wyandotte.

(Wyandotte, Mich.) — There’s no place like home. That’s what attracted Tom Nixon, the owner of Modern Craft to make the company’s next big move to Wyandotte. No question, the Modern Craft team and their fans have had their sights set on a metro location for years, but we needed to find a city that felt right and Wyandotte fit the bill. “It's got that same, destination and almost rural, close knit community feel like Au Gres, where people go to get away from suburbia and just have fun. “said Tom. When we visited in July 2016, the fit was natural. Wyandotte is a historic city with a 200 – year history and downtown that attracts thousands of locals and out – of – towners with their annual street fairs and festivals. We think of Wyandotte as “Au Gres on steroids,” said Tom. The new tasting room is located about half - way between the northern Detroit suburbs and Frankenmuth. There isn’t a place in the Detroit area now that isn't a 45 - minute drive from one of the Modern Craft tasting rooms. Modern Craft can’t take all the credit for this particular location. “It’s all about timing, and not always what you know, but who you know,” said Tom. In 2016, two long - time friends Jill Robinson and Heather Wright decided that they were ready to break-free from their ordinary careers and started their search for something different. Jill, who comes from the health care industry and Heather from logistics were first introduced to Modern Craft several years earlier at Jill’s family reunion. It wasn’t until they took a trip up-north in the early spring of 2016 and stopped in at the flagship location in Au Gres that changed their destiny.

Jill and Heather were overwhelmed to see how the company had grown and expanded into a #GETINTHEMCMIX” lifestyle and destination winery with truly unique flavors. From that point on, they became even bigger fans of Modern Craft and approached owner Tom Nixon with the idea to open a tasting room in Wyandotte. “The next step was to find the perfect location that everyone agreed on,” said Jill. The friends set out to transform what was once the local UPS store into a 1700 sq ft rustic Modern Craft tasting room.

The new location is a complete remodel with bright vibrant colors, a customized long wooden bar, a cozy lounging area with inside seating and a perfect outdoor patio to sit, sip, people watch, and enjoy the weather. “We are extremely excited to open our first down state location in Wyandotte and have already had a huge out pouring of support from other business owners, the residents, and of course the fans of Modern Craft that currently reside down state,” said Heather. No doubt, this location has been a long time coming and Modern Craft fans are thrilled to know that they don't have to wait for the next trip up north to get their hands on their favorite flavors.

“Modern Craft is grateful to be a part of the Wyandotte community,” said Tom. Modern Craft fans, get ready, and take the day off if necessary!!! “For Modern Craft, being in the metro area is a huge step in our grass roots expansion,” said Tom. The Biddle street scene is a perfect fit for the MC brand that breaks free from pretentiousness. Let’s not forget in that area, all roads lead to Wyandotte so it’s easy access. “It is amazing how many people I see at events in Northern Michigan that live close to or visit Wyandotte,” said Tom. “The new location is already a celebrity before it opened,” said Heather. 

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