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“Well, we thought we knew what drinking wine meant. Until a fate-filled day during a family bonfire…”


Meet Tom

Tom, a Bio Systems Engineer by trade had enough of the ups and downs of the working world. He went rogue, becoming the Modern Craft mad mixologist, where adventure and freedom were his for the mixing.

Meet Melissa

Chief taste tester. It was Melissa’s cousin who became the catalyst for bringing a bottle of homemade wine to a fated bonfire.

“Truth is, I don’t really like wine,” says Tom.

Not wanting to be rude he quietly sipped the offering and on that fateful night, Tom tasted the first wine he actually liked. It was a homemade fruit wine that changed the course of Tom’s life.

Different than beer and different than any wine he’d ever tried … Tom was determined.

Jumping with both feet into his new-found passion, Tom began making wines he actually enjoyed. Fruit wines, smooth wines, sweet wines balanced with just the right zing.

Wine + Fate = Modern Craft

He concocted a process (a proprietary trade secret now), by tinkered with flavors and ingredients.

Soon friends and family were all awaiting his next batches, and their friends and family as well.

Tom had struck a chord with novices and wine connoisseurs alike, and began hearing, “I’ve never tasted anything like your wine.”

“Where can I buy it?”


This became a common theme as Tom and Melissa began to explore their options. Soon, the doors to the first Modern Craft Winery and Tasting Room opened in Au Gres, Michigan a different location for a different kind of wine, far from the well-known wine regions of the United States or even the wine regions of Michigan.)

But setting up shop in his hometown felt right to Tom, and soon folks began flocking to the unique flavors, falling in love with Modern Craft’s different tastes and different attitudes toward wine…

Mix wines together.

Mix wines with beer.

Serve wine on ice.


Soon, Tom found that the wine world was steeped in tradition. A pretty tight-knit crew and the cool kids aren’t always nice to the new kid, especially if he’s offering something new – especially if he’s different.

Met with questions like:

Where’s your vineyard?

What’s your proprietary process?

Why do you mix wines together?

Where is Au Gres, Michigan?

Where are your Cabernets and Rieslings?

What is fruit wine?

Who is Modern Craft?

Tom knew he had something going on and was determined to… Break Free.


We taste different.

We do things different.

We make unique wine for unique people.



“While some don’t quite understand us, it won’t be long before they join us.”



We want our wines in your backpack on your way to the top of the Lake in the Clouds!

We want our wines in your jeep while you are racing across Sleeping Bear Dunes!

We want our wines to be a part of the adventure of your life! So we had to be different, didn’t we?

Welcome to the adventure.

Modern Craft – A different kind of wine.