March 19, 2018

“You Call This Modern Crap a Craft?”

“Can I offer you a piece of advice?” asks Mr. Straight-Laced before he keeps talking. “You really should consider changing your name.”

“You call this modern crap a craft?”

“I mean, you’ll never reach the high-end clientele …”

We smiled like we always do. We’re no strangers to Mr. Straight-Laced and his kind. They don’t get us at Modern Craft, they can’t wrap their brains around what we’re all about, and they have a helluva time understanding how we’re gaining ground and growing stronger because of our “modern crap”!

You see:

• Mr. Straight-Laced loves the idea of a $2,000 bottle of wine being served on a yacht and high-end gallivants about chateaus and mansions—Modern Craft loves a $10 - $25 bottle of wine being brought in a backpack aboard good ole boats and around bonfires in Pure Michigan and around our U.S.A!

• Mr. Straight-Laced considers wine tasting an experience only meant for upscale clientele in select locations—Modern Craft continues to open unique tasting rooms off the beaten path, bringing our Mixperience of wine tasting to small-town communities and the fun-loving, hard-working people who anchor them!

• Mr. Straight-Laced thinks wine is for the mighty refined—Modern Craft is mighty fine with wild-child, rebel hearts who’d rather mix it up than tone it down!
Can we take a minute right here in this blog to thank Mr. Straight-Laced? (He’s a real person, by the way, who offered us his very real advice. But c’mon, we’re the good guys, no need for naming names here.) He wasn’t trying to be a jerk, he just thinks about the enjoyment of wine differently than we do, imagine that.

He’s also chasing down a different dream than we are at Modern Craft, and we’d like to thank him for reminding us so clearly of ours: Every time one of you, our loyal and true-blue fans, takes part in our “modern crap” of mixing wines together and combining them with other beverages to make tasty mixes and crazy-good cocktails—and every time you sip or slug Modern Craft’s exciting, bold, fruit-infused wines—you’re part of our dream to Break Free from tradition and offer a different kind of wine enjoyment with A different kind of wine ™

You’re the reason our dream exists and the reason Modern Craft will always offer our “modern crap” style of wine enjoyment! Sorry, Mr. Straight-Laced, we’re not sorry!

You’re also the reason Modern Craft continues to grow:

• We love having “Six Appeal”, but a seventh Modern Craft Wine Tasting Room is looking ripe. Stay tuned!

Modern Craft was recently welcomed into the Michigan Wine Council and we’re beyond honored to join ranks. We share a vision to promote Michigan-produced products, and as we continue to add more locally-sourced ingredients in our fruit-infused wine, we make no secret of our eventual goal of being 100% Michigan-grown at Modern Craft. (Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Our goal for 2018 is 51% Michigan-grown, but we’re heading in the right direction and we dream big at Modern Craft!)

• We dream big enough, in fact, that we’re eyeing up property for an eventual Modern Craft Vineyard! Can you imagine? And don’t you for a second go thinking we’re getting all pretentious. Put your pinky down, we’re not that kind of wine. We’re Modern Craft, all of our “modern crap” and Mixperience included, and this vineyard will be everything you’d hope for from us. We’ll keep you posted!

Is Modern Craft growing? Yes.

Are we expanding our mission to include not only Michigan-made, but also Michigan-grown? Yes.

Are we aware that Mr. Straight-Laced and his kind will never quite understand us? “You really should consider changing your name. You call this modern crap a craft? I mean, you’ll never reach the high-end clientele …” Yes, we’re aware.

Are we good with that?

You’re damn-straight we are.


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