January 14, 2017

man with wine glass

So, the first question you might ask at Modern Craft is why mix?  That's easy.  First of all, PUT YOUR PINKY DOWN - WE'RE NOT THAT KIND OF WINE!  Modern Craft was co-founded by Tom Nixon (that's me), a beer brewer who did not even like wine.  To get into wine, I knew that it had to be different.  It had to stand out and be the next generation of wine to find a niche in the market against thousands of other brands competing for the same message.  It had to be different. 

The other wineries say:  My wine is aged with FRENCH oak.  Oh yeah?  Mine was aged with AMERICAN oak.  Pinot Gris?  Nah.  Pinot... who gives a crap.  What side of the mountain was your grape grown?  Put your pinky down.  Modern Craft sees an opportunity to break free from routine and create an experience in wine that pioneers a new category.  If the wine industry is going to grow, it needs to attract new customers and open channels that reach a brand new audience.  That's where MC fits in. 

So why mix?  Because it's the farthest thing from the pretentiousness of wine we could think and it supports our vision to follow your own path and break free from routine.  Plus, it's fun, adventurous, and fits your lifestyle.  Ready to join us?  Break free with remarkable, affordable Modern Craft.  Welcome to a different kind of wine.

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