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APPROVED! Meet Michigan’s newest member of the Michigan Wine Council after approval based on today’s speech.

As Modern Craft matures as a company and settles on a niche to fulfill market needs as a winery, we feel we are ready to become a part of, and engage in, the Michigan Wine Council’s mission.

We understand the mission is to grow the Michigan agriculture industry through wineries' ability to deliver Michigan produced product. Modern Craft previously sought to outsource grape requirements to a collection of international growing regions.  As we mature our direct to retail tasting room model that will continue to deliver anything but routine mixperiences, we see an increasing demand for state pride. In addition to being recognized in the councils advertising, we also recognize our customer’s demand for a story of Pure Michigan made. When we say Michigan made, we also mean Michigan grown.

Since 2015, we have added new all-Michigan products each year. As seen with our Cabin Apple cider produced with apples bought from the local apple orchard, growth in these products remain the driver of growth at Modern Craft. With the introduction of Northbound red and white in 2016 and  all night red and white in 2017, as well as planned reformulations of a few infused wines, and this years mystery spring release, these products account for 75% of Modern Craft’s product growth.

Given these statistics, Modern Craft’s total Michigan-grown product in 2017 was about 20%. Natural growth trends predict us to be 35% Michigan-grown product in 2018. With the observed trends in product sales, Modern Craft has made it a company goal in 2018 to become 51% Michigan product. Our relationship with local vineyards, St Julian, and local orchards, put us in position to not only fulfill requirements of the wine council, but also the demands of our customers while boosting quality of our product. Modern Craft also seeks property in Northeast Michigan to begin a vineyard.

While we can’t guarantee we will meet our goal, our current purchases are 100% Michigan-grown fruit in 2018, and we are confident in our objective. We hope the wine council will consider Modern Craft for approval and help us achieve our mission to support Michigan, the economy, its customers.
~Tom Nixon CEO


Modern Craft has six tasting rooms located in East Michigan from Wyandotte to West Branch and Harrisville.  Read more about our tasting rooms here and check your local retailer as well as browse our online store.  Mixperiences are yours for the taking.

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Richard Savoie
Richard Savoie

March 03, 2018

Hello Heather how are you Uncle Richard I hope you start doing good it sounds like you’re on the right track congratulations. Proud of you can’t wait to see you guys take care love all you guys Uncle Richard good for you you go girl

Jason sanback
Jason sanback

March 03, 2018

This Is awesome!!!!

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