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Milan Tasting Room

Moving Forward with Milan 

It was 2018 when Modern Craft first met Milan, Mi.  A vibrant, small community with a budding downtown district driven by local investors to revive the towns 19th century character and feel.  "I recall Jade Smith, City Manager of Milan visiting our tasting room about that time and inviting me to see what was going on there", says Tom Nixon, owner of Modern Craft.  "Jade invited us to a wine walk that fall.  We were just there peddling samples."

Turns out, so were Margaret and Ken Prince - owners of what is now Life is Sweet Bakery in the downtown district of Milan that bakes and sells fresh goods daily from their retail storefront.  But at the time of the wine walk, the downtown storefronts were all in a renovation stage and nobody was in business.  "I'm an opportunist, and whenever we get a chance to get into a crowd of people and sell our products we do", says Margaret.  And that's exactly what brought them to Milan - the crowds of people and energy the community is developing.  From a street sale at the wine walk that year, Margaret and Ken have built a staple business in Milan's downtown.  

Tom met Margaret at that wine walk and saw immediately what she was doing.  A family run operation built from passion and a desire to build something out of it.  "That's what we look for -  passionate people in small communities with a sense of pride about their business and the place they live", says Tom.  It's no wonder Modern Craft and Life is Sweet Bakery partnered to add yet another outlet for Modern Craft just off the I-75 exit.  

Margaret is definitely creative.  She says the Brookie, half chocolate chip cookie and  half brownie, is what built their success.  It was their way of "making it thier own".  Just like Modern Craft  does with their creative flavor combinations and mixology.  "It was the Grapesicle that really made me know I had to be a part of this", says Margaret.  

It was a long time coming to get licensed with a turbulent year in 2020 but finally in April of 2021 Milan opened it's doors to Modern Craft customers.  When you come in, the store is separated into two halves.  One half is the bakery where you can buy the famous brookies, breads, pastries, dips, and even ice cream.  In the other wing of Life is Sweet Bakery, is Modern Craft's tasting room among some various retail items.  "What better thing to do than grab some pastries and fresh bread, maybe a soft pretzel or even a corn dog and taste some wine and do some #GETINTHEMCMIX mixology with Modern Craft", says Tom.  

All of Modern Craft's products are available at the Milan location, and like all of the other tasting rooms, it offers a unique experience that is just as unique as the wines.  Browse downtown Milan, and find many other things to as well including a social district!  

Modern Craft is owned and operated by Melissa and Tom Nixon.  Michigan-based Modern Craft Wine is available now at six Modern Craft tasting rooms and through online purchase.