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January 15, 2017

Ok put-your-pinky-down fans, Modern Craft is STILL not that kind of wine.  But we listen to our customers and we get it.  You get invited to places you really don't want to go.  Those fancy-schmancy wine parties, the restaurant downtown that is just too expensive and the food isn't that good, or the wine Wednesday event you're expected to wear your blouse - AND YOU'RE IN PJs! 

Look, sometimes you gotta go and you need something for your bag of tricks.  Hey - Modern Craft can fake it too.  We won't leave you hanging on this trip.  Finally, offering a wine with its pinky so high in the air, grapes don't even grow on these mountains.  Introducing a new red wine issued on our "blank label" concept where you, our customer will help us write the story on these labels as they evolve from limited release to expanded production. 

man with wine glass

Sourced from the growing regions of St.Julian winery this Michigan grown red wine is made from chancellor and chambourcin grapes and fermented as dry as any wine snob can handle.  It is aged with French oak - you know - to humor your pals.  But don't ask us which side of the mountain these grapes were grown. Just know that they're awesome and you're just going to have to try them!

We don't care as long as your friends are happy.  Go ahead.  Now you can hang with the "white-linens" or bring them in to one of our tasting rooms on January 21st for the big release party!  Trust me - by then we'll know what to mix it with!  Did I say that? If you can't wait then check out our current collection!

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