April 30, 2017

I am reaching out because I want to let you know that your business is very important to us.  Your CBS Detroit radio top 10 small business rising finalist would like to thank you for being a loyal customer.  In an effort to improve our website shopping experience we will now be offering free shipping with every order.  Awesome news huh?  But wait - There's a catch...  If you buy now....  Just kidding.  But seriously:
{Conversation with myself while making this decision}
Devil:  Dude tell them you're giving them a better deal, sugar coat the bad news, make them believe it is better and then screw them over.  Propaganda is everywhere in the media.  Who really cares? 
Angel: Be truthful and forthcoming and explain to your customers the hardships of selling wine online.  They'll understand.  
Devil:  Truth?  You've been in worse trouble for telling the truth.  Lie and make it sound like the truth.  Come on you know better than that.  It's called politics - and media. 
Angel:  Take the high road.  If you lie, you'll get discovered and you'll ruin credibility with your customers.  It's ok if you don't make any money.  Profit is the root of all evil.  
Devil:  OH if I hear that one more time {WHAPSHHHH!!!}  
So here's what I'm going to do about shipping.  Nobody wants to pay for shipping these days (Thanks Amazon Prime) and I have to come to reality that shipping wine is very expensive and we have to make up some margin despite our best efforts to keep rates low.  That said, our wine prices are going up to $15.99 a bottle online and free shipping on all orders.  Seriously - it costs that much to ship.  However, since you're a previous customer and have ordered before it doesn't seem fair to stiff you since you're the pioneers of our online site.  (I'm with you on this one Angel.  [DEVIL:  Aweee shit!])  So I'm giving you a discount coupon for future orders.  Use Discount Code:  VIP25OFF and get 25% off the price AND get free shipping on all orders.  Now that's a deal - and it's because you're the special ones who have built this to what it is today.  Thanks for being a fan.  Learn More about our wine club too!  

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