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October 25, 2017

CRANBERRY ICE - November 1st

The holiday season is approaching and that means family get togethers, food, Uncle Lester’s stories about when he was a boy - you know...  good times.  And, well, let’s face it - some not so good times.  We love Uncle Lester but...the stories, while Dad escapes to the garage, the nephews destroy the kitchen, and mom breaks out the corkscrew and opens another boring bottle of wine you only sip to humor her.  

Yes - Modern Craft is there for you.  There’s no way we could let you roll through the holiday season like this.  Especially with boring wine.  

Introducing Modern Craft’s newest innovation - Cranberry Ice.  Crafted from a blend of our White Glacier and proprietary red blend, we infuse this unique wine with cranberries and add a touch of brandy to make sure we capture the essence of the holiday.  Crafted 100% with you in mind.  

“You know, people have been asking us for Cranberry wine for years”, says Tom Nixon, owner and chief mixologist at Modern Craft.  “It’s like a rib cook-off - everyone has a recipe and it’s all good stuff but it’s something magical about that recipe that WINS.  So we took our time making sure we had it right.”  

So how did they figure it out you might ask?  “It was this camping excursion up at Round Lake State Park and we were experimenting with some of these blends so we mixed up a couple bottles and brought them along", says Tom.  "I cracked one open, took a sip and went to put some wood on the fire.  When I got back, the bottle, a big bottle at that, was empty.  'You snooze you lose Nixon' was the words I got.  Look. I’ve known these people a long time and sometimes you just take your lickin’ and smile.”    Recipe Complete.

Turn back the clock a bit and there’s some inspiration behind the design of the wine.  “Well we’ve all been there - that family get together where you just want to get your stuff and get out”, recollects Tom.  And maybe it’s not a family get together.  As Tom explains, his family was on business this time of year and rarely home.  “Oh - we knew how to party and we knew what our guests wanted - but that was back when we were boys. (OH HERE WE GO).  It wasn’t overly difficult to satisfy their choice of beverage in those days. You see, mom and dad would bail off to the great state of Texas to try to make a living peddling sheep and wool to Texans.  Ironic maybe, but they left our little innocent selves home alone.  When they returned after Thanksgiving, Dad was a bit interested in how a 22” Silver silver ring stain appeared at the bottom of his bathtub.  He chalked it up to a UFO landing.  🤔🤷🏻‍♂️  And what good boys we were to steam vac the carpet prior to returning home.” 🍻

“That was the good old days”, explains Nixon.  “That’s where we learned the foundation of comradely.”  As his friends started to get girlfriends and stuff like that it became harder to put a party together.  “I figured it out that Thanksgiving and Christmas were a time for families to get together like we used to back when Uncle John was still alive.  (Yes we will get to that story). I was fortunate enough to have a couple of adopted families take me in so I wasn’t alone for the Holidays.”  And THAT is when Tom learned that Uncle Lester was real, metaphorically speaking.  “There he was droning on about something you only pretend to listen to - All day.”

”I eventually got married, left the adopted families, and started hanging out at our own family get-togethers with our own....  Uncle Lester.” 😱  Once everyone got loosened up a bit Tom found out that Uncle Lester was pretty cool once he got telling, as Uncle Kenny (Uncle Kenny is a real person by the way) would say, TRUE stories.  “I’m a sucker for TRUE stories“, admits Nixon.  “I always like the bullshit stories but there’s nothing quite like a TRUE story - especially after some metaphorical Cranberry Ice.  I can’t tell you most of those stories.”

And there you have it.  The reason we designed Cranberry Ice with YOU in mind.  The wine that drinks like a sweet red is smooth like ice wine, and has just a hint of brandy to warm your tongue - To help those holiday memories last a little longer.  

Buy online, or experience in any one of our six tasting rooms in Au Gres, Frankenmuth inside Riverplace Shops, West Branch (inside The Silver Lining), Harrisville, Wyandotte, and Bay City (inside the City Market).

Yours Truly

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