September 01, 2017

A few guests were outside enjoying their wine on the patio. A couple cars were parked out front.  

It was a great beautiful Northern Michigan kind of day.

Temp in the mid eighties,  a cool breeze, a perfect day to spend on the beach.  

A young couple came walking through the front door.  They  were just beaming.... It was obvious they were really enjoying the day and were very much in love.

They were Walking on Sunshine, high on life, enjoying each other's company.

I love it when we're busy. It's does my heart good to see complete strangers sharing stories of their travels laughing and having a good time.

I asked for their IDs . "Neither looked to be day over 21”

Turns out they were both in their mid twenties. The older I get the harder it gets to guess someone's age.

I shared the tasting menu with them and answered a few questions. Then left them be for a bit so they could make their selections.

All the while the young man is snapping his fingers getting into the music..... I'm wondering where the music is coming from?..

My Pandora Station had turned itself off awhile ago. I thought maybe the music was coming from someone's car parked outside.

Ok guys what looks good? What can I start ya out with? I say. They both want to try the Slow Juke Juice. Blackberry wine with lemonade. “ Very yummy by the way”

Still bobbin his head  keeping rhythm to the music.

I pour their first sample and ask, "What brings you to Harrisville?" They explain to me that they are on vacation enjoying  a break from work and college studies.

He says to me.... Man!   I love the tunes you're playing! …

I just shrugged my shoulders and say I was kinda diggin it too, but I really don't know where the music is coming from . I think it might be coming from someone's car out front.

The look on his face was absolutely priceless!!  

He realized that the music that he was enjoying so much was actually coming from his own Pandora station from his phone in his swimming trunks pocket.

My advice. “ live in the moment”

Carlos Santana made the following sage observation:

“ The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.”

“ The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”


If you want to hear some good tunes this Saturday come to...

                             WINE AND HARMONY

September 2nd please join Mark, V and Melanie for a day of wine and harmony at the Harrisville tasting room.

Featuring: Lee Kitzman for your listening pleasure.

As always high on a good vibe

V’s Vibe

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