March 15, 2017

V’s Vibe Advice from Winston Churchill:

Venita with the Harrisville Modern Craft Wine tasting room here.   I had an inspiring moment and was compelled to share!  Last time, I told you how I love to interact with customers.  Here's what it's like:

Paraphrasing one of Winston Churchill’s quotes……………….

"A good conversation should be like a woman's skirt. Long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

I heard the original quote from David Brooks of the New York Times. I thought it was appropriate for how we operate.

I wanted to steal it and use it as my own. Sounds crazy right?!! Not really... Especially if you think like I do.. . Standing behind the tasting room bar serving samples of Slow Juke Juice or new release All Night Red 

Conversations are often "long enough to cover the subject".....

Modern Craft Wine..... "short enough to create interest."  Covering the subject is easy. Creating interest is the fun part!

 Stop by and see for yourself at a location near you. 


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