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Opening day in Harrisville is coming around the corner.  April 14th that is, and I am looking forward to meeting new people and also seeing some old friends.  We've been around long enough that our customers are not just customers anymore.  They're our friends and we look forward to the season to see our friends.  Remember those unforgettable times with your old school friends?  Our regulars have some unforgettable times too!  

Scientific studies have shown that it is very beneficial for Humankind to give and receive hugs. I guess hugs release those healthy endorphins inside your brain that make you feel happier. Trust me.  I've researched AND tested!

I love my regulars.  They make me happy, and  I look forward to seeing them every year.  When asked how I'm doing, my usual reply is "pretty DAMN good" - strong emphasis on the word damn.    

Once the hellos and hugs are done. I'll say.   “How the hell are ya?  Betcha ya want to try some wine!!!!!" Those few words always seem to break the ice, and like old friends that you haven't seen for awhile it's like they've never left. BUT....

"Don't  let our regulars scare you away"  ..... know what I mean?
I have a sign hanging on the front of my tasting bar that states. "Don't let our regulars scare you away".  I like to point out the sign to my wine tasting friends that come back every year because like old friends, we do get loud and sometimes a little rowdy.

I learned last year that one of our rowdy regulars is a dance instructor.  I almost had him talked into showing off some of his dance moves.  He complained of shoulder pain due paddling too much on a canoe trip down the AuSable River the day before.  If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of the Au Sable and canoeing...  So I let it slide..  Maybe this summer I'll get to see some dance moves! 

Are you a regular?  You should be!  Come visit us and share your experience by rating us on google!  We appreciate it.  

Good Vibrations…..As Always V!

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Jessye Hodges
Jessye Hodges

May 03, 2017

Will become a regular! I love your tasting room! Such a relaxing & environment.
Thank you V!

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