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“Traveling Artist”

She looked like an old hippie, a flower child, dressed in a long flowing skirt and sandals with a big ole floppy hat on. She made me smile as soon as she entered.

“So, you do wine tasting here?” She asked.

“Yes! Indeed I do.” I say.     “Would you like to try something?”

“Well,   wait a minute……she says.    “I'm going out to get my friend.  I thought you were a craft shop.  He didn't want to come in.”

A delightful couple they were indeed. Traveling in a beat up motor home that looked like it had traveled many many miles, they were well into their seventies, living on a fixed income, and travelling from show to show selling their art. They were warm and friendly with a great sense of adventure.

She complimented my photography and she talked of her art and glass pendants. We chatted over an hour.

They did a full tasting and enjoyed most everything they tried. No big sale, but that's not what counts in my book.  I shared with them a most delightful conversation. I feel lucky to have done so.  

"Thanks for stopping by. Safe journey to you."  I say as they depart.  A couple minutes later, the fellow artist comes back in with a beautiful glass pendant that she has made.

“I'm sorry we didn't buy much honey (referring to me), but I wanted you to have this.  Each piece I make comes from my heart and soul."

I can tell you are doing what you love to do. “Thank you for such a nice time.”


As I update this entry. . I think to myself,... gee…,  that old hippie could be me in another twenty years.

Our tasting room in Harrisville was once described as funky and eclectic.   Well!    

Hang onto your socks friends because I have some exciting news to share. I am so fired up to have the opportunity to showcase some local artists this year and plan on displaying some of my more funkier stuff.

Stop on by the Harrisville  Tasting Room and enjoy the creations of.

Kat Davis:

Also known as “Kitty Hate Machine” to the rest of her team members of the Roller Derby team

The Alpena “Shipwreck Alley Rollers”.

Kat, our local Librarian also has her own radio show on WxFT 97.9 Harrisville

“The Katdamn Kitty Hate show”. Saturday’s at 6.00 - 9.00.

Here’s a link to WxTF   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/9NRae7E2arx

Dana Shugart:

Works for the Department of Agriculture in Biological Science. Go! Dana Go! What an interesting field to be in.

Dana, also has her own Esty shop online, but plans on putting that on hold for a bit because Dana’s getting married this Summer. ( Congratulations Dana & Matt! )

Mary Smith Phillips:

Happy to have her on board. She also has some of her crazy, funky stuff at the

“Twisted Twins Emporium “ in Tawas. 1131 W. Lake St.

If you're  traveling North .    Hopefully on your way to visit the Tasting Room in Harrisville and need to stretch your legs for a minute. I highly recommend stopping there.  Tell them “the Wine Lady says hello”.

Ive heard, "Logic can take you from A to B. Imagination can take you everywhere."

High on a good Vibe

V's Vibe

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Denise Malosh
Denise Malosh

April 15, 2017

I love the way you paint a picture with your words, V! You most definitely have an artist’s soul.

Jen O'Deay
Jen O'Deay

April 14, 2017

V’s Vibe IS a Good Vibe!

Love it, the story and how adventurous souls (and kind ones, too) have a way of mixing.

Cheers, V! To Modern Craft, many Mixperiences and plentiful seasons sprinkled with hippies and hotties ahead!

~ Jen W. O’Deay

Kristin Cherwinski
Kristin Cherwinski

April 14, 2017

We LOVE your support of local artist, and would have loved to meet the hippie lady ourselves! She sounds delightful! Your other featured artists are pretty dear to our hearts all ready, as are you! This crazy world we live in brings together those who are meant to be in our lives, and is much smaller than we can ever imagine. Thanks for blessing us and being a part of our tribe! <3
Kristin & Erin from Twisted Twinz Emporium

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