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We try to be as Dog friendly as possible here at the Modern Craft Tasting room in Harrisville.

My husband and are are both animal lovers.  We always have a bowl of cold water at the door ready for our guests that travel with their pets. We also have a nice back yard, so if need be you and your pooch can stretch your legs.

Unfortunately we cannot allow them inside the tasting room, but they are always welcome to enjoy our outside patio along with you and your friends.

This is one of my favorite stories to share.

A young couple came in one hot July afternoon and asked if they could leave their puppy outside.  I said sure.  I have a lead out there you can hook him up to, and sent them out with a bowl of water for their furry friend.

Once they were inside they joined a group of four other guest, already enjoying themselves at the bar. Each of my guests had a story to tell about their pet they had to leave behind with friends or family.

All of the sudden she said.

“Oh my God! I am  so sorry”  and ran out the front door.

Guests still gathered around the tasting bar burst out into laughter.

I looked outside just in time to see my potted plants and barrier around my outdoor patio come tumbling down.  

The poor puppy is scared to death.

The young man joins his wife outside and scoops up the puppy into his arms holds it close for a moment then returns it to their car.

The  couple quickly put everything back into place and then come back into the tasting room.  To be greeted with clapping hands and laughter.  

Their faces are beet red with embarrassment as they apologize to me. Through my laughter I say. “Oh my Gosh! Please! Don't worry about it!  Dogs will be dogs. Your puppy  just wanted to be with you!”

Over the past five years many lively conversations here at the Harrisville Tasing room , were about our wine tasting friends dogs and mine.

My dog’s name is Juju, she's a Walker Coonhound. We adopted her in late of 2014. She was a Christmas gift.

The first  four years of her life were not very pleasant.  I still have a really hard time telling people her story without tears welling up in my eyes.

I'm over that now…………..Thank goodness.  Well almost.

When I heard  each tasting room could choose a new label that would be exclusive to their location.   My mind was made up in 2 seconds.

I shot this photo just a week or two after her adoption day. Juju label

Look how happy she looks!  Believe me she's come a long way.  I know it's not much, but for every bottle dedicated to Juju, Mark and I will donate a dollar to the Alcona Humane Society. We would also like to invite you  join us on June 17th for lunch. We will be serving dogs for Dogs. Hotdogs.. That is.

Donations will gladly be accepted and all monies will be donated to the Alcona Humane Society.

Also June 17th Harrisville is having their community wide garage sale day.

Everyone likes a bargain right? So if you have some dollars burning a hole in your pocket and want to support a great cause please stop by and check out the Precious Paws at 410 East Main St.

A great second hand store that 100% of its profits go directly to the Alcona Humane Society.

Remember friends, this wine is only at the Harrisville location.

Limited Release.     You won't be sorry

High on a good vibe.   Sitting next to Juju :)

P.S. Juju’s story coming soon

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Denise Malosh
Denise Malosh

June 07, 2017

Great story V! I wish more businesses allowed dogs to stay outside. I hate leaving our dogs home because they can’t wait in the car when it’s hot.

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