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For all you Designated Drivers out there.

This sounds kinda crazy...when we first opened the Tasting Room in Harrisville, I had a huge fear of having to refuse service to someone if they had arrived at the wine shop already drunk.      

What if they get angry? What would I say?     Would it cause a scene?    WHAT !!!  

What if I have to call the police?   Crazy Right!?.......

Actually the first time I had to face that fear the memory still makes me giggle.

It happened one really hot day in July. I was standing at the bar doing a bit of clean up from a group that just left.

So I had a chance to see the story unfold.

The woman who was driving, got out of the car pretty quickly then just stood beside the car for a moment waiting for her friend. Who was obviously inebriated and having some trouble.

I could see they were both pretty red with sunburn.  Still wearing their bathing suit tops I took it for granted that they were most likely staying at the Harrisville State Park.

The passenger  gathered her things and stumbled a bit pulling a T -Shirt over her head.  She then made her way into the Tasting Room.  She looked around the place and then said:

WOW!  This place is really f**king cool!“.    “ Oh look”!   She says to her friend.  “This place is really f**king cool!!!!    You do wine tastings here?!!!??

I've got a big grin on my face. Thinking to myself I like this woman. I reply,  "Yep!  We do wine tasting here, but I think you may have had one too many already.

You can stay and chat for a bit if you would like."

Her reply had me cracking up.  Hell ya!    Shit!    F**k!  Why not !  I think I've had to f**king much to drink any way.”

I smiled, then offered her a glass of water.

She graciously accepted and I think it did a bit of good. The two friends stayed  for a bit.

The conversation was kinda loud but light hearted and funny.

When I had a moment. I asked the woman who was driving if she was okay to drive.

Yes , she said I haven't had a drop all day.

After quite a few more  of “ This place is really f**king cool's",  the two friends decide to leave.

The designated driver gets her friend situated back into the car.  She then steps back into the shop with tears in her eyes and says to me thank you for letting us stay.

Thank you,  for ending this day on a happy note.

Always be kind. You never know what another person may be going through.

If I haven't said in once I've said it a thousand times.       I Love my job

High on a good vibe

V’s Vibe

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Jen O'Deay
Jen O'Deay

July 16, 2017

Couldn’t love you more, Mama V!

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