May 21, 2017

Most mornings I start my day with a cup of coffee and the morning news. Sometimes I think to myself how blessed I am to live the way I do.

Like a lot of friends and family I know, we struggle  week by week to make ends meet.

I although feel rich beyond belief, because what little I do have is a million times more than the people living in the countries I hear about every morning in the news.

The world as it is today is a scary place for a lot of people. My heart hurts for those less fortunate than I.  If I could say some magic words to end world hunger and war, I certainly would.

Back in 1965 Jackie DeShannon recorded this song written by Burt Bacharach.

“What the World needs Now”  if everyone could abide by these lyrics the world would be a better place for all.

Below are the first few lyrics of the song.

“What the world needs now is Love, sweet love. It's the only thing there's just too little of. No not just for some but for everyone.”

I see a lot of joy and camaraderie spending my days at the Modern Craft Tasting Room in Harrisville. Especially when we're quite busy as our tasting room is on the smaller size.

Which is great. Sometimes I'll get a group of four come in for a tasting and before long another group will join the fun and before long everybody joins in on one big loud conversation.

Maybe our world leaders should sit down together and share a glass of wine.

It's a small world after all, and when you put a glass of wine in a person’s hand with a sincere smile on your face. Their  smile grows twice as big.  Minds and hearts open and conversations flow easily.

I wish I could say a few magic words to make peoples lives better. But what can the wine lady from Harrisville do? ……...Practice Kindness……..

I know that a random act of kindness can really make a person's outlook on life change.

Two strangers just recently were very kind to me.

The first incident. A crazy busy day for me, I stopped in Oscoda for fast food.

I had eight dollars in my pocket. I knew what I wanted two tacos from the value menu.

I had my spoiled rotten coonhound Juju with me so I had to get her something too.

“I just want  something from the value menu”, I stuttered not being familiar with the menu, “some chicken nuggets or something and two tacos.”

“Large or small”,  the cashier asks.

“Uhhhh…...Small please”, I say. Thinking does the value menu have small.

I thought  eight dollars would cover my tab, I just got three items from the value menu. Somehow I was about a dollar short.

Embarrassed I said to the cashier, “Could you please just cancel the chicken nuggets I'm short a dollar.”

The young lady taking orders at the register next to where I stood. Yells out to the cashier standing in front of me.  Just put her bill on my tab and then calls the manager over to okay the transaction through the register.

I was stunned I didn't know what to say.  The eight dollars I had planned on spending on lunch I handed to her and said, “Please take this. Thank You, thank you for being so kind. I just wanted something small to feed my dog.”

The second incident. Looking for bargains at a second hand shop. I spotted some boots.  Black ankle boots with sparkles. Too  young looking for me I thought.  I just had to try them on though.

While trying the boots on, there was another woman trying boots on as well. She asks me. If you don't want those boots do you mind if I try them on?

“They’re pretty cute” I reply,  “don't know if I want to spend ten bucks on them though. They‘re a size seven I tell her.  “Oh, I'm a size nine”, she says .. “Won't fit me.”

We chat a little bit more as we make our way up to the register. I'm in line behind her when she turns around to me and says, “I can give you a couple bucks if you want to get those boots.”

“That is awesome for you to offer”, I reply. “Thanks but no thanks, they really are a bit too young looking for me.”

Damn, I wish I would have offered a complimentary wine tasting to each of them. Hey if you're out there, please stop by.

Pay it forward my wine tasting friends ...I know how a recipient feels….. And It feels awesome!

How are we doing? Review our Harrisville Tasting Room.  

P.S. I went back the next day to buy the boots and they were gone. Damn it.

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