September 29, 2018

Meet {No B.S.} Northbound Fall

Fair Warning: Proceed with caution, rebels, because this wine becomes an obsession.

Fall bonfires, tailgates, backwoods blowouts, hell yes we’ll meet you there! You bring your boots and blue jeans, we’ll bring the wine – warm wine, that is. We’re always up to something different at Modern Craft, we know.

This time, we’ve gone ahead and taken a Kim-Kardashian-sized-but, reworked a recipe, and {No B.S.} Northbound Fall is the ridiculously tasty result. You ready for this?

Are you ready to ladle warm, soothing wine from a crankincrockpot into your mugs and wrap your hands and minds aroundfreaky-good flavor? Can you handle this sweet, spicy, fall-in-a-bottle concoction that you’ll find yourself making up excuses for gatherings *just* so you can drink more? (After-work potluck, family pumpkin carving, yep, sure we’re there—we’ll bring the wine!)

It’s called Northbound Fall, our newest wine that’s swell served cold but a downright obsession when warm.


Tell Me the Recipe Again


We know you know that we know you know that you all looooove Modern Craft’s Cabin Cider wine! A seasonal favorite with everyone who tastes it, we’d already been having all kinds of Mixperience fun with Cabin Cider inside Modern Craft Tasting Rooms with “Six Appeal”. Mixing a little of this and a little of that into crockpots throughout Michigan, visitors were going bonkers for the warm wine at their Mixperiences.

But. (The Kim-Kardashian-sized-but”.)

You kept telling us that you loved, loved, loved the warm wine but you were having a hard time remembering the recipe and re-creating the warm goodness at home.


Screwing around at our newest Bay City Modern Craft Tasting Room inside City Market, we got tinkering and toying, tasting and more tasting (it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it …) to create the warm-wine recipe that’s a one-pour flavor—no recipe needed.


No B.S. Northbound Fall

It goes like this. You crack open Northbound Fall and out spillscrockpot-ready:

Modern Craft Chai Tea Wine (made with City Market neighbors’ Bee Leaf Teas)


Peach Mead (an old-school MC recipe we brought back for Northbound Fall)


Modern Craft All Night White, reworked with a pinch of cinnamon


A dash of honey wine and a few secrets up our sleeves


The result? Easy, ah-mazing, no recipe needed, no B.S. Northbound Fall, a sweet, spicy, complex flavor that’s mighty fine cold but obsession-worthy when warm.

We triple-dog-dare you to try it, but heads up (and pinkies down): This wine is so freakin’ good that you may find yourself wanting to quit your day job, open up your own Modern Craft Wine Tasting Room, and live your dreams different. Consider yourself warmed, err … warned.


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