September 28, 2017 1 Comment

Look who made front cover on In The Dotte magazine. In the Dotte is a promotional entity in Wyandotte, Michigan to help market the many things to do including wine tasting with Modern Craft! Stop by our newest location at 138 Sycamore St.  Jill and Heather have come a long way.  Learn more about their adventure and how it all started and sign up for our upcoming blogs here to stay up to date.

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Dawn Hayse
Dawn Hayse

September 30, 2017

About 100 years ago I shared a room, of sorts, on the third floor of a sorority house with Jill! In an odd twist of fate, I heard of Modern Craft and when I saw the owners’ names, wondered if it was my old roommate. I’m excited to order some wine, Jill. Congratulations and I’m happy to see you’re doing something fun and exciting for your career! Love, Dawn :)

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