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“You know, Tom,” he’ll say, his hair all standing straight up like it does and his eyes twinkling like they do when he’s talking recipes, “If you take the inspiration of a moonshadow with the way blackberry rides on the palette and mix it with the way you feel at a concert by adding in …”

Dude is different.

He thinks different and his mixes are all kinds of different, but the results are always the same: Damn good. Like, damn, Mr. Mixer, you’ve done it again because that tastes good!

Meet Mr. Mixer

Have you ever met a cat, a guy, a dude who’s, like, crazy (af) and yet cool as a fan, too?

The kind of guy that you never know what’s going to come out of his mouth, but you always want to hear what he has to say?

And you can never truly put your finger on what it is about him … but you just know that he’s weird and at the same time you seriously like him? (No, we’re not talking about Tom Nixon, our owner, or Josh who operates the Bay City Modern Craft Tasting Room. Ha!)

Well, if you haven’t yet come across one of these rare birds who flies by the seat of their pants and sort of does everything wrong but it’s somehow always alright—you’re about to.

His real name? Hard to say.

All we know is we all call him Mr. Mixer and he’s become like Modern Craft Family.

Not only does something wild go down every time he shows up, but he lives, wakes, and breathes to perfect the art of mixing our Modern Craft Wines into the tastiest cocktails imaginable!

Asshats & Bonfires

“How’d I meet Tom and the Modern Craft Crew? Well, it’s kind of funny, really, seeing as how I never drank wine much before I started hanging out with them.

But I know a good thing when I taste it, and I sure as hell know good people when I meet ‘em.

So, I’m sitting around a bonfire, not sure how I got there, but that doesn’t matter. I’m a floater, I like to breeze in and out. I’ve lived a lot of lives, put in my time, retired and now I just do what I want. Anyway, these asshats were pretending to be friendly but were really just grilling Tom with all these questions about ‘Which side of the mountain do the best grapes grow on?’ and ‘Why don’t you put your tasting rooms in big cities instead of …?’, and I couldn’t sit there and listen anymore.

So, I pretended to spill my beer on the biggest mouth there and managed to get some on the leg of the other yapper, too!

Once they were out of the way, Tom come over and introduced himself to me and offered to mix me up a Slow Juke Juice. He poured in some of this wine, mixed it with lemonade, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

I’d never met a wine that I actually liked before tasting Modern Craft Wines, and I’d definitely never seen anyone mix wines with other drinks to make cocktails!

The rest is history, I guess. I’ve been mixing up Modern Craft recipes ever since and making friends with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met!”

You Gotta Love Mr. Mixer

So, when you see his face around, you might scratch your head a little like we do and wonder how Mr. Mixer came to be part of our Modern Craft Family?

Maybe it’s the way he reminds us all of our crazy uncle or wild-child grandpa who can seriously outdrink any one of us, but we have good times and belly laughs trying to keep up with him late into the nights underneath our Michigan skies?

Maybe it happened the night he brought tears to our eyes talking about his wife, now passed, and how he’ll never love another because there “isn’t another one of her, it’s that simple”?

Maybe it’s the way he mixes up some of the meanest mixes that we’ve ever tasted and he makes us want to do the same? (And wait until you see what’s he’s been up to! These mixes? Let’s just say we’re all going to have some fun.)

Maybe it’s just him. He’s different, he’s definitely his own kind of life of the party, and you just can’t help yourself—you gotta love Mr. Mixer! Cheers!

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