July 01, 2017

A friend of ours stopped by yesterday. 

Mark, Juju, our neighbor's dogs, Frankie and Ellie, and I were all having fun doing a bit of yard work. 

This friend of ours, who hadn't seen Juju since shortly after her adoption, says to me, “Wow! I can't believe how far she's come. She's like a different Dog.”  

We don’t believe our Juju ever had a name before she was rescued. She has a tattoo inside of her right ear that is just some letters and numbers.

She was a pack dog used for hunting. Walker Coonhounds are known to hunt bear and are often used to help farmers rid their land of predators. There was a cool show on the History channel - but that’s another story.

It is not uncommon for people who hunt with their dogs to claim that  they have a job to do. “Treat your hunting dog as a pet and you will ruin their desire to hunt.”, so I've heard.

The first three years of juju’s life were spent with a few of her siblings and a couple of other hunting dogs. Eight all together in a ten by ten chain link kennel with no shelter from the elements.  Neighbors witnessed this neglect for as long as they could tolerate it.

In the winter of 2012 they notified the police.  The condition in which these poor dogs spent their days was horrific.  Nowhere to escape from their own feces that was frozen thick covering the entire floor.

Juju,  was found tethered to the side of the kennel.  We were told by a shelter employee that, for a while, they were afraid she might lose her paw.  The rest of the dogs rescued were sheltered while court proceedings against the owner occurred.     

Mark and I adopted Juju right before Christmas in 2014 and promised her a better life.  It took a while for her to warm up to Mark and me. That never damped our spirits though.  We were bound and determined to gain her trust.

We take her every where we can.  Her favorite place to visit is Tractor Supply.  She loves the toy aisle and we sometimes have a hard time getting her out of the pet food aisle.  She definitely is a chow hound and by what I can see a pretty happy pooch now. 

One of my favorite places to go is The Precious Paws outlet in Harrisville located within the Harbor Town Market place. 410 E. Main St.  A great little shop with a little something for everyone. Antiques, vintage jewelry, unique items for your home and many other treasures. All donated by our very generous community here in Alcona county. Precious Paws donates 100% of its proceeds to the Alcona Humane Society.    


If you have a chance to stop by Precious Paws ..please do every little bit helps.


Stop by the Tasting Room in Harrisville while you're at it.  I'd love to see ya. 

As always

High on a good Vibe

Spending the day with Juju

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