November 18, 2017

What are you Thankful for?

I must admit I am Facebook cruiser. You'll catch me in the morning with a hot cup of coffee catching up with family, friends, political issues, and other interesting and sometimes goofy posts.

November 1st marks the start when Facebook friends start posting what they are most thankful for on a daily basis and I love these posts!  What a great opportunity to let your friends, family and co workers know just how thankful you are to have them in your life:  A great home, a happy marriage, a nice automobile, your health, your loved ones health - The list could go on and on.

November has 30 days after all. We all have at least 30 things we're thankful for right?

Being the Facebook cruiser that I am, I ran across this video recently that really didn't have anything to do with Thanksgiving at all, but it sparked an idea on how I could share some of my own  thoughts. I  borrowed the original concept and made it my own and made about Thanksgiving.

The video I watched takes place in a classroom. The teacher, Mrs. Applebee, asks her students to open their notebooks and make a list of the seven wonders of the world.  The students begin their list. When they had finished they brought their list to the front of the room to be deposited on Mrs. Applebee's desk.

One young lady towards the back of the classroom raised her hand and says to Mrs. Applebee, “Mrs. Applebee?  I know what the seven wonders of the world are. I have the list here for you, just as you asked”.

“You, are right my dear, you have listed all seven correctly”, says Mrs. Applebee, “but I see you have made a list of your own. Please explain.”

The young Ladies list:

Thought, Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing and Love.

“My thoughts I like to share. Without them I wouldn't be me.

My sight. Without my ability to see I could not see the family I Love.

Without the ability to smell. I would not be able to smell my Mom cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and even worse to be without the ability taste. I couldn't taste what she had made.

Touch, there is nothing nicer than big hug or holding a friends hand.

Hearing I couldn't imagine my life without sound.

But most important is Love. Without Love I wouldn't be me.”

As for me V.

I am truly Thankful for Family and friends for without them I wouldn't be the person I am today, wishing to share my thoughts to whoever will read them.

Thanksgiving truly is my favorite Holiday.

Getting up early in the morning to pop the Turkey in the oven. Baking pies the day before.

When I was growing up each family member had a task to do. While waiting for the Grand Finale - The Carving of the Turkey!

My favorite task were to make up the relish plate, make deviled eggs and setting the Dining room table.  On Turkey Day we always used the China. Great Grandma’s  table cloth and cloth napkins. I remember wanting to make the table to look perfect.  

Something to admire, once all the family gathered around for the Grand Finale.

                               “ The Carving of the Turkey “

Happy Thanksgiving! To all of our Wine Tasting Friends

V is for V’s Vibe

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