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August 01, 2017

Hello Wine Tasting Friends

We love to share stories - my husband and I.

He called me from the wine shop one afternoon.

Barely able to contain his laughter, he said.... “You won’t believe what just happened!  These ladies were so much fun!”

I couldn't wait to tell you!  

This group of friends were planning this trip for years; A girls-only week around the sunrise coast of Lake Huron to the straits and south on the sunset side.

No jobs! No kids! No Husbands!.... Just the girls........and wine!

So they made plans. Saved up some extra cash. Brought drink and other sustaining substances.  

Just days before these friends were to meet, one of the girls was offered what the group described as her dream job.  I'll be there in spirit she promised......

Her friends made sure she was.

They walked into the tasting room with a life size cardboard cutout of their friend who couldn't make it.  They asked where good places to eat were and things to do in the area.

Especially places they could take photos with Edie, a life size cardboard cutout of their  friend.

He told me he suggested Cedarbrook Trout Farm. He thought that’d make a good photo op. He could imagine the friends posing with their "friend" fishing pole in hand. He also told them about Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, Paul Bunyan in Ossineke, Dinosaur Gardens, and the Harrisville Harbor. Helping them think up great photo ops was the highlight of his day.

They drank a toast or two to their friend and their friendship and posed for photos.

They even had me pose with them - he laughed………

I can only imagine where, and who, the group of friends posed for a photo opportunity with the replica of their friend Edie.

August 6th is National Friendship Day.  I will and always have gotten by with a little help from my friends.

Celebrate your friends near and far.

Remember “ A hug is worth a thousand words and a friend is worth much more.” ( Author Unknown)

Share some words with your friends this weekend. Enjoy a glass or two or more of your favorite Modern Craft Wine. Just remember to toast your friendship.

Cheers to Dawn and Joanne, two of my dearest friends who I'll see this weekend.

And all my wine tasting friends, with love from V and the Modern Craft team.

High on the Vibe

As always V

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