May 05, 2017

I've had this story rolling around and around in my brain for weeks now. I didn't know where to start.   I just knew I had to get it out of my brain and into print soon.

This edition is for all of you Mom’s out there.

The Harrisville Tasting Room is kind of slow this time of year.  We get a few people trickle in throughout the day whigh is nice. I love to have time to chat.

I truly enjoyed this family who came in with their Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day.  I welcomed the family of six in - Mom and Dad, two sisters and their husbands.

I began to explain to them their options for their wine tasting experience.

Dad, standing at the end of the bar, motions me over.  Wit's his hand cupped over his mouth, he says to me she doesn't know she has Alzheimer's - referring to his wife.

Overwhelmed, with this big ole lump in my throat, I played along. It was her day.

I chimed right in with the family.

So whatcha think Mom did you like the peach?  What would you like to try next?

I never got a straight answer from her but the two sisters were fast to suggest the next flavor to try.

We had a great time. By the time they left I felt like part of the family.  Especially when Dad said “Thankyou”  with a big smile on his face and had to give me a big hug before he left.

“Cheers”  My wine tasting friends.  Enjoy your Moms when you can and let them know you love and appreciate them. Plant some flowers, take her out to a nice lunch or dinner. Visit one of our Tasting Rooms. Hint, Hint.  

I wish I still could.

“Cheers”  to those who are missing their Moms this Mother’s Day.

“Cheers”  To New Moms.    Working Moms.   Stay at home Moms.

To Moms everywhere.  Happy Mother’s Day!

                     With Love from V and the Modern Craft Team


The following is from a young friend of mine. Jessica Hodges

She's published one book so far. “Timmy Dear” available on Amazon.

I read her short poems and rants on Facebook and they crack me  up every time. I wanted to share a little bit of her humor and insight on being a Mom.  So here you go.

                   Daily Affirmation of a Mother of two.

Today, I will remember to lock the bathroom door.

Today, I will not step on Legos.

Today, the kids will eat all of their lunch and I won't hear “I'm Hungry” five minutes latter.

Today, socks will match.

Today, I will not have to pick Barbie shoes out of the rumba.

Today, I will remember where I set my car keys.

Today, I will take a nap.

Today, “ Mother’s  Day” I won't mind hearing “”MOOOOOM!  From both sides of the house.       …….  And tonight…..

I will only drink one glass of wine after the kids go to bed.

I Promise.

High on a good vibe

V’s Vibe

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