April 19, 2017

Happy Easter! What a great weekend for Easter. The weather was great and that was awesome because I fired my kids outside all day for two straight days. Better to destroy the yard than my kitchen! ...and the Easter Bunny (that's me) fell asleep (Corona coma) early last night so Mrs. Cotton Tail was a little miffed this morning...

I'm not sure I know where to start. My mug on CBS News Saginaw? Oh God... Yeah it's true. Why? WE WERE SELECTED BY CBS RADIO DETROIT AS TOP 10 SMALL BUSINESS RISING CONTESTANTS. Out of over 100 businesses that applied we were chosen top 10 and competed last week in Detroit for $10k. We didn't win the contest, but for us, it was an honor to be there and was still a win to be top 10. It goes to show what we plan to do with the Wyandotte location and how success can translate to other communities. You can watch me make a fool of myself on TV right here!

I'm very proud of my team for making this happen. I'm a little forgetful in my old age. Aimee ended up flagging me down in Bay City at the US-10 exit with some things I forgot on my way to the competition. Hey - gotta keep them on their toes right? Coronary? Nothing a good Cigar available at the Au Gres and West Branch locations won't fix.

Around the tasting rooms, Harrisville opened for the season on Friday and Venita released a STELLAR blog describing a typical experience about visiting. Seriously - read that. The Silver Lining, Modern Craft, and West Branch feverishly prepare for the 2017 spring Art and Wine Walk in downtown West Branch on May 6th. Au Gres just brought in some cool new products including new logo hats, Cherry Republic, and the tumbler glasses are back! Frankenmuth is coming along nicely. (Grab a peek) River Place Shops here we come! The bar is going to be sweet and the whole atmosphere is electric! Wyandotte construction continues.

BUY ONLINE! Take advantage of the sale price on the four pack of new flavors - Mango Orange Zest, White Lemon, Mojito Libre, and All Night Red. Sign up for the newsletter and you'll also receive $10 off the already discounted price!

-Mojito Libre on the rocks
-Any Fruit wine with a few White Lemon ice cubes

Ok - I'm going to go try to get Cael to bed after a 10 hour sugar high. He'll probably survive solely on chocolate eggs for the next few days. Hopefully they're fortified with Vitamins!


April 20th - The Triple Nickel American Restaurant and Bar monthly wine mixer. 5PM - 8PM

April 21st - Drummond Island Jeep the Mack - Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans fundraiser at the Trail Head Bar in Drummond Island.

April 21st - Au Gres tasting room LuLaRoe wine tasting 4PM-7PM with Happy hour drink specials.

May 6th - West Branch Spring Art and Wine Walk 5PM - 9PM

May 13th - New Product Meet and Greet Spring Fling tasting event

Take Care - Tom

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