Free Shipping on 2 or More Bottles of Wine 

October 24, 2017

Modern Craft Wine has the perfect gift baskets.  Created with you and your family in mind they are perfect for your holiday gathering.  Trust us, it’s tried and true.  With three options to fit your price point we deliver a gift worth giving.  One bottle to four bottles and a bunch in between, this basket won’t come home with you from the gathering, fester on your counter until you’re sick of seeing it, then make it to work where the unfortunate souls are tricked into grabbing a morsel they regret.  They’ll fight over who gets what.  Wine that fits your lifestyle, warm socks, snacks, a specialty smoke, some glasses - be the life of the party.  Get a Modern Craft holiday basket.  Are you interested in giving back?  Let us know your cause and earn 25% of sale to a worthy cause.  Ask us for more details.  


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